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Conservation and Ecology

Water scarcity caused by climate change and drought are one of the many challenges farmers have to manage to maintain production and stay in business.

South Africa and most farmlands are over run and under attack by by many different types of invasive alien vegetation. Over the centuries alien species have been both intentionally and unintentionally bought in to the country that has caused much human, environmental and economic harm.

Alien vegetation has no natural enemies and these plants reproduce and spread rapidly, taking valuable water and space from our indigenous plants. Many alien plants consume more water than local plants, depleting our valuable underground water resources. Most indigenous plants are deciduous meaning they lose the leaves and consume less water in the winter months. Alien vegetation are evergreen which implies they consume water all year round. This also makes it next to impossible for indigenous plants to grow under or in between alien vegetation.

Invasive alien plants are a major threat to our local biodiversity which if left unchecked has catastrophic implications for catchment areas by disrupting the delicate natural balance in our fragile ecosystems. We all depend on this biodiversity for water, food, wood, clean air, medicine and much more, it is vitally important that we protect our ecosystems and manage and/or eradicate all alien vegetation.

The Drone Solution

Drone Dusters has enjoyed considerable success combating alien vegetation because agricultural drones offer precision and consistent spraying options with great hectare coverage without affecting local plants or causing any other environmental challenges. We have developed a hugely successful methodology that not only covers 40x more hectares over the same period but is also 75%-85% cheaper than today’s expensive solutions.