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Modular by Design

Dual FPV Cameras


Drone Range

AGR A22 Agricultural
  • 22 l Capacity 
  • 2-14 ha/h Coverage
  • Liquids, Granules & Seeds
  • 3-6 Spray Width
  • 2 – 20 min Flight Time
  • 1200×1191×570 mm dimensions
  • 19 kg Weight
A10 / Q10
AGR A10 Agricultural spray drone
  • 10 l Capacity
  • 2-6 ha/h Coverage
  • Liquids, Granules & Seeds
  • 3 -6 Spray Width
  • 2 – 10 min Flight Time
  • 1650×1650×574 mm size
  • 12.3 kg Weight
A6 Agricultural Drone
  • 6 l Capacity
  • 1-4 ha/h Coverage
  • Liquids
  • 2-3.5 Spray Width
  • 2 – 10 min
  • Flight Time
  • 883×874×406 mm size
  • 7.1 kg Weight


Key Features

Mapping Modes

Map Selection, Remot Control with dual cameras, or AB Mapping

Piloting Modes

Manual or Full Auto Pilot aided by obstacle avoidance and ground radar.

High Precision GPS

For autonomous accurate mapping & auto pilot navigation.

RTK Ready

Built in RTK navigation system requires the optional extra RTK base station and plotter

Terrain Tracking

Spray altitude is automatically maintained using ground radar.

Spray System

Intelligent dual pump system using standard components options like Teejet, Albuz nozzles.

DUAL FPV Cameras

Dual cameras with forward navigation views f and downward view for precision mapping.


Pluggable intelligent batteries with intelligent management charging system.


Water and dust proof.


ISO9001, FCC, RoHS & CE

SUper Efficient

Modular and plugable designed for easy maintenance and efficient operations.

Management System

Online management system for mobile and desktop. (Coming soon)

IP67 Water & Dust Proof