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Under the current South African legislation, land owners “own” the airspace up to 300ft above their property. They can decide who can operate in their air space, provided the operator maintains a line of sight with the Drone that is within 500m line of site and fly below a 300ft (92 m) altitude.

When a drone is used for commercial gain you will require a remote piloted aircraft license that SACAA approved and the drone will require registration.

There are various organizations that will assist private and commercial operators with any of the relevant CAA requirements.


Please Note: The operation of Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) is regulated in terms of the South African Civil Aviation Regulations. Operations as a hobbyist are subject to the terms of Part 94, whereas private use is restricted in terms of regulation 101.01.4 of the South African Civil Aviation Regulations.


(a) the RPAS may only be used for an individual’s personal and private purposes where there is no commercial outcome, interest or gain; (b) the RPA may only be operated over property for which the operator has ownership or permission;
(c) the RPAS can only be used in Restricted Visual Line of Sight which means within 500m of the pilot, and never to exceed the height of the highest obstacle within 300m of the pilot, during which the pilot can maintain direct unaided visual contact with the device to manage its flight and collision avoidance; and
(d) the pilot must observe all statutory requirements relating to liability, privacy and any other laws enforceable by any other authorities.


(a) the RPA must first be approved by the South African Civil Aviation Authority for use by way of an RPA Letter of Authority (RLA);
(b) all RPAs must be registered by the South African Civil Aviation Authority prior to use;
(c) an RPA may only be operated in terms of Part 101 of the South African Civil Aviation Regulations which includes specific requirements that the operator shall hold an RPA Pilot License. 

Please see all the details at CAA website …