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Agricultural drones offer the potential for addressing several major challenges for producing food, increasing productivity, and making sustainability a priority.

Drones can safely fly closer to the ground and dispense the exact amount of seeds, liquids, powders or granules disbursement with precision and even coverage. The increased efficiency has massive per hour and per hectare costs saving implications at the same time protecting the environment by reducing the amount of chemicals penetrating into groundwater or lost due to wind drift.

Apart from traditional crop spraying savings, drones can be used in variety of applications like fighting malaria, alien species eradication, feeding fish, fighting diseases, insect infestations, seeding, sealing leaking dams and even rehabilitating polluted dams, the possibilities are endless.

What We Do


Drone Dusters can safely deliver liquids, granules, seeds and powders so apart from traditional crop spraying savings, we can offer a variety of services like fighting malaria, alien species eradication, feeding fish, fighting diseases, insect infestations, seeding, sealing dams, and many other beneficial applications. Drone Dusters offer spraying consultation in the following areas

Drone Sales

Drones offer cost effective solutions with capacities from 5L to 30l / 35 kg. Look out for models that have patented multi-functional dispensing systems for liquids, granules, seeds and powders and can accurately deliver from 5 to 100 litres/ha.

Crop SPRAYING Nurturing & Protection

Whether you are planting your crops, fertilizing for growth or protecting against pests and diseases, agricultural drone products will not only make significant savings in operational costs but also boost profits through higher crop yields. 


Alien invasive plant and trees decreases the surface stream flow and lowers water tables. This has severe implications for ecosystems, agricultural sustainability and our vital water supplies. Drone solutions can combat these threats with pinpoint accuracy and huge cost saving.


Flies, midges & mosquitos carry very serious diseases to both humans and livestock. With the precise delivery mechanisms that drones provide, farmers have the ability to decrease mortality rates, increase growth and increase production with the control of pests.

Sealing Leaking dams

We all know how valuable water is and a leaking is a severe threat a farms future survival. Drone Dusters has partnered with Aqua Plastech who provide high quality, environmentally safe and highly effective waterproofing, sealant and dam sealants that can be evenly distributed from the air with our drones granular dispensers.

DAM & SOIL Rehabilitation

Pollution, chemical overuse and climate changes are drastically affecting our environment for production. Drone Dusters has also partnered with Earthworks who provide sustainable organic solutions to rapidly rehabilitate contaminated soils or dams with natural organic microbes.


The efficiency of today's drones solutions offer massive costs are a potential business disruption for agriculture in terms of cost savings, job creation, precision, sustainability and the environment.


Drone Range

The AGR agricultural drone solutions offer precision spraying capabilities with autonomous operations over a variety of terrains, such as broadacre farmlands, forests, game farms, and even kloofs.  The sophisticated radars and modular design with single battery, pluggable tanks and radar take stability and flight safety to the next level with high operational efficiency.

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AGR A10 Agricultural spray drone
A10 / Q10
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