Crop Spraying


The world’s population is projected to reach 9 Billion by 2050 increasing food consumption by nearly 70%.  Farmers are facing massive cost challenges in terms of increasing yield, climate change, security, politics and yet farmers are forced to use traditional expensive or labour intensive methods to protect, seed and fertilize their crops. These costs are becoming unaffordable. 

Drones offer the potential for addressing several major challenges for producing food, increasing productivity, and making sustainability a priority.

Innovative technology available today! Not in the future.


Drones can safely fly closer to the ground and dispense the exact amount of seeds, liquids, powders or granules disbursement for an efficient and even coverage.

The increased efficiency has massive per hour costs saving implications at the same time protecting the environment by reducing the amount of chemicals penetrating into groundwater or lost due to wind drift.

Apart from crop spraying, drones can be used in variety of applications like seeding, fighting malaria, weed eradication on fences or other infestations, feeding fish, fighting diseases etc.  

Why Drones ?

• Significant cost reductions !!!! < R2 per hectare. 
• Purpose built and designed for agricultural crop spraying.
• Over 90% cost savings across fuel, water, chemicals and labour.
• Precision spraying provides a safer, more environmentally friendly and economical delivery.
• Reduced risk of hazardous materials handling and contamination.
• 500x faster than labour based
• No crop loss due to tyre or trample damage.
• No need to queue or wait for next available service provider booking.  

What's Great

Purpose built and designed for agricultural crop spraying.
• More than 80 patents.
Multi-delivery system of liquid, powder, granule & seeds.
• Intelligent delivery systems with adjustable spray flows.
• Real-time flight data feedback.
•  Auto-pilot flight with 1-key take-off, spraying and landing.
• Intelligent field route planning with real-time GPS precise positioning (RTK optional).
• Simply designed high strength carbon fibre fold-up body.
8 m spray widths (20m  with granules).
• 6-20 Ha/h.
• 20 l, 20 kg payloads

Our Solutions, Multi-Functional Aerial Delivery Drones

Z-LION-10 Short Shaft

10 Litre, Multi-function for delivery of liquids, granules and seeds with short shafts for uneven terrains or mountain crops like tea, certain fruits, etc.

Z-LION-20 Short Shaft

20 Litre,  Multi-function short shaft model for delivery of liquids, powders, granules and seeds also for uneven terrains or mountain crops like tea, certain fruits, etc.  

Z-LION-20 Long Shaft

20 Litre, Multi-function long shaft model for delivery of liquids, powders, granules and seeds but designed for even terrains such as maize, wheat or vegetable crops.

Perfect Partner Collaboration

GeoFarm, a partner of Drone Dusters, are innovators the science behind precision agriculture. Their products are focused to provide farmers with a user-friendly platform to collect, analyse and interpret data in the most cost-effective way possible.

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 GeoFarm's aerial analysis solutions  provide the ability to identify problematic areas on croplands via satellite imagery by using custom developed algorithms that are designed specifically for local conditions. GeoFarm’s user-friendly platform allow farmers to collect a host of different agricultural data, from ground sensors to weather data and high frequency satellite imagery throughout the growth cycle of their crops.

GeoFarm can isolate potential problems, Drone Dusters can fly in and deliver the remedy.

The efficiency of today's drones offers massive costs saving and a potential business disruption for agriculture.


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